1. Network encryption

Depending on the deployment executed, LeanXcale can have one or more Query Engine servers to process SQL queries. If the deployment has more than one Query Engine server, a balancer is needed. LeanXcale fully supports HAProxy to balance the workload across all the available Query Engine servers. To secure the connections, we use the HAProxy capabilities to encode HTTP requests into HTTPS requests.

If the deployment has only one Query Engine server, it may not be necessary to have an HAProxy because it could add some latency to the SQL processing. In this case, our Query Engine provides a mechanism to serve the SQL queries using HTTPS.

The network encryption for the SQL interface can be configured in 2 different ways. The following diagram shows what is encoded in the communication between the SQL servers and the SQL clients.

  1. Configuring the Query Engine to start a HTTPS server with TLS v1.2.

  2. Accessing through HAProxy and making HAProxy to cypher the connections with TLS v1.2.

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