Setting Security at installation

In this section you will learn how to configure Security when installing LeanXcale Database, depending on if you are in a Cloud environment or managing an On Premise installation.

1. Cloud Console

Setting Security on your LeanXcale instance is very easy, just select Full Security in the Subscription process:


2. On Premise Installation

If you are managing an On Premise LeanXcale installation and want that your database works with security, you need to execute this steps (before deploying if you work with a clustered installation ).

  1. Please go to the main node of your deployment and execute the following script (take BASEDIR as the path to the folder where the Leanxcale database is installed).

    python3 $BASEDIR/LX-BIN/scripts/ $BASEDIR <domain> <IP> admin <adminpass>

    You need to provide your installation path as first argument, a domain name, the IP of the node where the LDAP Service is running, and a password to admin LDAP user (please, note that admin username is a fixed argument).

  2. Go to the node that will have the LDAP service running and start slapd:

    sudo service slapd start

After this, the security of your database will be activated, and the LDAP authentication service configured.