1. Application Certificates

In order to use LeanXcale KiVi direct APIs and Connectors when full security is enabled, you need to create certificates for them. When creating these certificates, you can select over which resources will have permissions. This is, you can select several schemas for a certain API certificate, and thus, this certificate will have read, write and execute permission over all resources in those schemas.

1.1. Cloud Console

In a Cloud Console environment, just press "Add Application Certificate" button and specify a name for your certificate and the schemas you want to include.


1.2. On Premise Instance

If you are managing a LeanXcale installation outside a Cloud environment, you will need to use the admin console (you can learn more about admin console here).

The tool to use is [64] createCert [UID/FILE user1 (optional) …​ userN (optional)]. You have to provide the schemas you want to include. If you don’t include any, all of them will be included.

lx> createCert kiviApi APP

Once created, lxConsole will show you the path in the main node of your deployment from where you can download the certificate.

NOTE: For instructions on how to use these certificates in the APIS (Java, Python…​) and Connectors (Spark, Kafka, Debezium) please, go to the Development Section.