Apache Superset BI Dashboard

LeanXcale comes bundled with Apache Superset, a modern, enterprise-ready business intelligence web application where you can build complex BI dashboards.

How to use Superset with your LeanXcale instance

Go to the LeanXcale Cloud Manager and log-in with you username/email and password:

leanxcale login

Once you’re inside the Cloud Manager, you’ll see the list of instances.

For each instance, the services section shows services installed in your LeanXcale instance.

Open Superset by clicking the BI Dashboard URL:

services list superset

A new window with Superset opens.

Login with “APP” as user and password:

superset login

Once you are logged in, you can explore the sample dashboards we provide for you to test, or you can create your own dashboards using the date you’ve stored in LeanXcale:

superset dashboard

For more information about creating dashboards, see the Apache Superset website.

How to use Superset to explore your data or run SQL queries

Once you’re inside Superset, you can explore your database schemas and run queries against your data.

Open the SQL Lab menu and select SQL Editor:

superset menu sqleditor

Once you’re in, in the leftmost part of the screen,

Select the LeanXcale datasource Pick a database schema you want to work with:

superset datasource selector

When you have selected the datasource and schema, you are ready to run SQL queries:

superset run sql